Hospitality & Events

Whether you’re managing property or special events, USA-PTT .com has the technology to help you provide superior guest service and seamless coordination across departments.

Reliable communication at the touch of a button means you have more power to monitor operations and manage your staff, from the front desk to the kitchen, housekeeping, grounds and security.

  • Stay in touch across a conference room, building or sprawling property, whether it’s one person, a department or your entire team in the case of an emergency
  • You control user privileges and priorities for conversations, resulting in fewer distractions and staff that are empowered to focus on the task at hand
  • FREE GPS tracking allows real-time access to personnel locations so you can reallocate staff and respond immediately to guest needs
  • FREE Mobile App
  • PC dispatch with text, voice record and unlimited airtime
  • Rugged design is built to last and withstand moisture, dust, vibrations, extreme temperatures and the rigors of everyday use

Low Cost Nationwide Two-Way Radios with GPS Tracking